“We need to identify the things that would shut us down and then try to do that because that is what is happening tomorrow”

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Radical Business Innovation

Do not mistake strategy for business innovation. Planning how to take away business from direct rivals or how to replicate core-competences does not lead to ground-breaking business innovation.
Blue Ocean type business innovation also has its flaws. You may create opportunities. But as soon as these interfere with your given business they are likely to be rejected. ‘Nice to have’ ideas are usually the only outcome.
Think like your worst potential enemy – and you will automatically jump out of the box. Imagine what damage Nightmare Competitors could cause – and you will do whatever it takes to occupy the space first.

Nightmare Competitor Workshops

Imagine your assembled team adopting a start-up mentality whilst immersed in a world free of power play, politics and constraints. Our facilitated Workshops are fast paced, confronting, creative and highly effective. Each Workshop is carefully designed and choreographed to ensure that commercially relevant, bold new ideas and insights are created. A key part of the journey is that your team will have the opportunity to virtually and playfully attack your own industry. You will create your own Nightmare Competitors.
We will lead your team through to deriving answers to the following critical questions:

  • Why do established organizations struggle to adapt their business models?
  • What are our vulnerabilities?
  • What are the predominant types of Nightmare Competitors? How would they attack us?
  • What business models will allow us to be the disrupters ourselves?
  • How can we build up the ability to successfully launch and run new business activities?

If you’re a leader looking to challenge the status quo, invigorate your team and ensure your company’s future then book a ‘no obligation’ call directly with Ulrich Grothe, the founder of NC-Creators.

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Early Adopters

AGCO Finance | Benteler | Berner | Bosch | Daimler | Dräger | Eberspächer | Knauf Bauprodukte | Lohmann & Rauscher | Philips | Rehau | Roland Assistance | thyssenkrupp Industrial Services | TÜV SÜD | Vincent von Paul Kliniken | VNG Verbundnetz Gas | Würth Electronik | Zeppelin

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About the NC-Creators

The Nightmare Competitor Approach has been invented by Ulrich Grothe. He is a business innovation expert lecturing for the Boston Business School, Zürich International Business School and is a sought-after keynote speaker. Ulrich has never been willing to accept that established organizations rarely succeed in reinventing their own industries. Frustrated by the limited leavers that even the best tools for business innovation and the most prestigious business consultants provide he has been pushing the envelope further. In 2017 he founded NC-Creators to support companies in applying the revolutionary approach to business innovation.

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